Long Service Awards

BUAS Long Service Luncheon and RHASS Long Service Awards

BUAS Long Service Luncheon:

On a Bi-annual basis, the Border Union Agricultural Society (BUAS) hold a luncheon, traditionally in February, to recognise the Borders recipients of any RHASS Awards along with any other qualifying and equivalent Awards within North Northumberland, that have been awarded in the previous 2 years.

The next BUAS Long Service lunch will be held on Friday the 16th February 2024.

Since 1944 there have been 665 Recipients who have attended the BUAS luncheon with an average of 35 years each.

RHASS Long Service Awards:

The RHASS Long Service awards are given and confined to employees who have been in full-time employment in Scotland within the rural, agricultural and support service industries (1), however, ultimately the full and final decision of eligibility lies with the Royal Highland and Agriculture Society for Scotland. Awards are given for 30 – 39 years, 40 – 49 years and 50 years or more.

Copies of the RHASS guidelines and application forms can be downloaded below and must be completed and return to BUAS in the first instance. Once counter-signed BUAS will then forward the completed applications to RHASS for processing.

(1 Employees of support service industries must have worked full time directly within the agriculture industry.)

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